Friday, October 2, 2009

5 Generations

In case you haven't seen these two pictures, I thought I'd post them. Part-way through Haley's pregnancy, we realized that we had two 5-generations on her line. The more people I talk to the more uncommon this seems to be. Most people have never even had 1 line with 5 living generations, let alone two. We knew it would take a little effort to get these photos taken, but knew it would be worth that effort. I talked to Scott's mom several times about it and knew that getting together with Grandma Webster would be a challenge. She doesn't travel much. We thought we would have to drive to Cedar City when we moved Sarah to Provo. No one was too excited about that because of all the summer travels. Allison had had a hard time with the car seat lately. Scott's mom called me while we were in DC, a day and a half before we came home. She asked again when we could do it. She said that Grandma happened to be in Salt Lake then for the weekend staying with her daughter, Debbie. I told her we were flying into SLC on Sunday afternoon and it would be great if we could do it then. She said she would drive up from St. George so we could do it. So, after a very long day traveling home, we stopped, freshened up, and took the pictures. We got home at 2:00 am but were very grateful for Gloria's willingness to come up just for that.
For the Chatterton one, we had to fly out to Medford, Oregon. We took Marcus with us to be our photographer and so he could visit his parents and grandparents, too. We had a nice visit with Grandpa and Grandma. It meant the world to him that we came out. I'm so glad we did and I'm glad we did it when we did because just 3 weeks later he fell and broke his hip.
I submitted the two pictures to our local paper and the Casper paper. Today the Riverton Ranger ran it with a cute little caption telling how everyone is related to Allison. It means a lot to us and will be such a neat thing to have these pictures forever.


Emily said...

Totally cool. I didn't know about the other picture and go Gloria, that is great that she drove up there to do that.

And as I told you on the phone, it is no wonder you were featured in the local paper, not after they found out one of the pictures included the Riverton Godfather. Haha.

Neaners said...

How wonderful! Amazing both sides! So glad it all worked out. It will be a treasure forever. Take care!